*LIVE IN 20 MINUTES* FREE CRASH COURSE ON MOST IMPORTANT GATE AND CSIR-NET GENERAL APTITUDE TOPICS For – For all GATE and CSIR-NET Aspirants Educator: Christy Varghese Today’s Topic : Data Interpretation Timing: Today, 24th December, 9 PM How to attend for free Step 1: Download Unacademy App or Visit Unacademy Website Step 2: Search and Follow the Educator Profile “Christy Varghese” Step 3: Visit the special class section. (If you are using Unacademy App/Website for the first time) Step 4: Enter the invite code CC10 to Unlock the Unacademy Free Plan. Or click on the below links and click on the “Notify me” option after creating account in Unacademy. (Enter the Invite Code “CC10” if you are a new user.) Enrol Now https://unacademy.app.link/8JzZbDiPtcb Invite all GATE Aspirants and CSIR-NET Aspirants to this free course

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