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About Christy Varghese

Christy Varghese is a renowned expert in General Aptitude and Vedic/Mental Mathematics. He is one of the top educators in Unacademy, and visiting faculty for General Aptitude in multiple institutes including Brilliant (Pala), Gurukulam Institute, New Delhi, IFAS and UV Physics Academy, Hyderabad. Taking the best of technology to his aide, he launched online classes through his app “Christy’s Classes”.

He was honoured by ‘The Indian Awaz’ with “100 inspiring authors of India – 2018” award to recognize his contributions.


CSIR-NET General Aptitude: A New OutlookAmazonFlipkartScientific Publishers
CSIR-NET Bagh AAmazonFlipkartScientific Publishers
Vedic Maths and Mental Arithmetic – A New OutlookPre-order (Scientific Publishers)
Flashcard Booklet for CSIR-NET General AptitudeScientific Publishers
Flashcard Booklet for Vedic Maths and Mental ArithmeticScientific Publishers

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