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1. CSIR-NET General Aptitude – A New Outlook (FIfth Edition)

2. CSIR-NET Bhagh A (Hindi)


General aptitude is a section in the CSIR-NET examination question format, which most of the candidates are keen to avoid! They tend to avoid general aptitude questions as the questions are seemingly tricky or to quote what most of them complain – “We can’t understand what the question means”, “We don’t know the basic formula to solve this question”, “We want more time to solve this question” and it go like a long chain of troubles. The only way to gain command over general aptitude questions is through proper practice. However, even when you are determined to start practicing these questions you are still haunted by the same set of problems that is quoted above.

This book is designed with a vision to eliminate all these troubles and a proper use of this book will equip one to solve the questions without hassles and within the stipulated time. The common syllabus for general aptitude for all science subjects issued by CSIR is given below.

Syllabus: logical reasoning, graphical analysis, analytical and numerical ability, quantitative comparisons, series formation, puzzles, etc.

This book has three main sections – “Topic wise theory and solution of CSIR-NET questions (16 chapters)”, “Previous question papers” and “10 sets of Model question papers” respectively. The first section has 16 chapters which cover the above mentioned syllabus. Each chapter clearly provides detailed descriptions about all the concepts and formulas to solve the questions with illustrations. All the questions asked in the different NET exams are discussed in the corresponding chapter which deals with that particular area. Moreover, in each chapter, a bunch of practice questions are included to make you acquainted with more problems. The second section comprises the previous question papers of all the previous NET exams of all science subjects. The third section houses the Model Question papers. Solving these questions serves the purpose of a mock test and will provide a room for you to assess yourself.

The “difficulty rating” and “average time” for each question is provided to help you select the right question at the time of exam. In the CSIR-NET exam, there are 20 questions in general aptitude section, in which you are supposed to attend 15 questions. Each correct answer earns you two marks and there is negative (0.5) mark for each of your wrong answer. Obviously, out of these twenty questions, you can avoid five questions. You should avoid the questions, which will take much time to solve. The average time given for solving each question will help you for the same. The questions with an average time more than 120 seconds are better to avoid. Again rarely some questions in the examination are real tough questions, which you may find difficult to solve even if you understand the concepts. The difficulty rating is given out of 5 and questions with rating 4 or above are tough questions and in the examination attempt these questions only if you are unable to get fifteen questions from the remaining set.

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