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  1. Sir please explain siblings question how it is 8. As there are 7 sisters and 7 brothers it means total 14 siblings

    1. Are there 7 brothers? It is said “each sister has a brother” – if there is one brother, say X, then each sisters here have X as their brother! So, he’s the on;y brother of all 7 sisters!

    2. As it says one brother for each sister which means that there is one brother and he is the only brother to each sister….

  2. In case of rectangle,square and hexagon, All the angles between sides are equal but in case of isoceles triangle only two angles are equal.Therefore isoceles triangle is odd one.

    1. It is a fair die. So the outcome of the first 3 throws will not affect the outcome of the 4th throw. Hence the answer should be 1/6.
      If it was a biased die, your answer would have been correct.

      1. Dear Admin,
        your explanation is inappropriate to convince me.

        In this question the die throw 4 times.
        total number of events = 6^4 = 1296.
        in previous 3 throws outcome was 6. question is to find probability of getting 6 in 4th throw, that is the probability of getting particular event (6,6,6,6).
        number of that particular event is 1.

        Then the probability = 1/1296

        1. The question is NOT to find the probability of getting particular event (6,6,6,6).The first 3 events already happened and we dont have to find the probability of that 3 events to happen. We are only required to find the probability of getting the 6 in the last throw.

  3. Dear sir/madam, it is very effective one. Thanks a lot.

    Can you please let me know, when the answer keys of Part B and Part C will be published?

    1. Sorry. This is a portal exclusively for the discussion of general aptitude (Part A section) for all the subjects. Please visit some portals which is related to your particular subject for getting answer keys of part B and part C section. Thank you.

  4. Dear sir Why 572 can’t be reply to divisibility test question. As all three are not divisible by 4 and only 572 is divisible.

    1. Ashish, 474 is the only number which is not divisible by 11. All others are divisible by 11.
      In the logic you used, the problem is that 572 is the only number holding that property .
      By that logic 154 can also be the answer as it is the only number divisible by 7.
      But 474 being the answer have a more reasonable logic as it is the only number which is not a multiple of 11. If you can rule out the divisibility of any number for all but one options, then that also can be the answer. But 154 or 572 doesn’t satisfies such a condition.

      1. also sir only sum of digits of 474 can’t be divided by 2 while as sum of digits of other numbers can

    1. Assume the date odd or even?
      Then first half or second half
      First week or second week
      ….in this way u can answer at least five questions

  5. Sibling means off springs of same parents.so 7 sisters means from seven separate family so if they hold one bother each ..they also belong to same family.so the answer is ..there are 7 siblings in the group….my logic behind attempt.

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