December 2016: Life Sciences and Physical Sciences

1. In how many distinguishable ways can the letters of the word CHANCE be arranged?


2. The bar chart shows number of seats won by four political parties in a state legislative assembly. Which of the following pie-charts correctly depicts this information?


3. Find the missing term.


4. Seeds when soaked in water gain about 20% by weight and 10% by volume. By what factor does the density increase?



5. A river is 4.1 km wide. A bridge built across it has 1/7 of its length on one bank and 1/8 of its length on the other bank. What is the total length of the bridge?


6. OA, OB and OC are radii of the quarter circle shown in the figure. AB is also equal to the radius.

What is angle OCB (in degrees)?


7. Intravenous (IV) fluid has to be administered to a child of 12 kg with dehydration, at a dose of 20 mg of fluid per kg of body weight, in 1 hour. What should be the drip rate (in drops/min) of IV fluid? (1 mg = 20 drops)


8. Which of the following graphs correctly shows the speed and the corresponding distance covered by an object moving along a straight line?


9. A normal TV screen has a width to height ratio of 4:3, while a high definition TV screen has a ratio of 16:9. What is the approximate ratio of their diagonals, if the heights of the two types of screens are the same?


10. Comparing numerical values, which of the following is different from the rest?


11. If a person travels x% faster than normal, he reaches y minutes earlier than normal. What is his normal time of travel?


12. A and B walk up an escalator one step at a time, while the escalator itself move up at a constant speed. A walks twice as fast as B. A reaches the top in 40 steps and B in 30 steps. How many steps of the escalator can be seen when it is not moving?


13. Two iron spheres of radii 12 cm and 1 cm are melted and fused. Two new spheres are made without any loss of iron. Their possible radii could be:


14. A man buys alcohol at Rs. 75/cL, adds water, and sells it at Rs. 75/cL making a profit of 50%. What is the ratio of alcohol to water?


15. The sum of digits of a two-digit numbers is 9. If the fraction formed by taking 9 less than the number as numerator and 9 more than the number as denominator is 3/4, what is the number?


16. The distance between X and Y is 1000 km. A person flies from X at 8 AM local time and reaches Y at 10 AM local time. He flies back after a halt of 4 hours at Y and reaches X at 4 PM local time on the same day. What is his average speed for the duration he is in the air?


17. Two cockroaches of the same species have the same thickness but different lengths and widths. Their ability to survive in oxygen deficient environments will be compromised if:


18. The random errors associated with the measurement of P and Q are 10% and 2% , respectively . What is the percentage random error in P/Q?


19. Retarding frictional force, f, on a moving ball, is proportional to its velocity, V . Two identical balls roll down identical slopes (A & B) from different heights. Compare the retarding forces and the velocities of the balls at the bases of the slopes.


20. A hall with a high roof is suppor ted by an array of identical columns such that, to a person lying on the floor and looking at the ceiling, the columns appear parallel to each other. Which of the following designs conforms to this?


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