Christy’s Classes for CSIR-NET General Aptitude

Classroom coaching for CSIR-NET Part A section in Jia Sarai, New Delhi

By the author of the bestseller book “CSIR-NET General Aptitude – A New Outlook”

Since the cut-off mark for clearing the CSIR-NET/JRF exam have been increasing, ‘General Aptitude’ (CSIR-NET/JRF Part A) section have attained far more importance than before. Many students have found it harder to reach the cutoff mark due to their incompetence to solve questions from this section. Students tend to avoid Part A section, complaining that the questions are hard to understand, difficult to solve in the given time constraint and also due to their ignorance of high school mathematics. Therefore, all that is required is a new outlook that gives a clear view of basic mathematics, a better approach to perceive the problem and faster ways to solve it.

CHRISTY’S CLASSES for CSIR-NET General Aptitude is a course designed with a vision to eliminate all the troubles you face when attempting a general aptitude problem. A proper participation of this course will equip you to solve the questions without hassles and within the stipulated time and hence helping you to add 25+ mark to your total marks to clear the cut-off easily.


Session 1: How to approach an objective type question

Session 2: Numbers

Session 3: Probability and Arrangements

Session 4: Distances and Directions

Session 5: Finding the X

Session 6: Average

Session 7: Monetary Problems

Session 8: Geometry

Session 9: Mensuration and Quantitative Comparison

Session 10: Data Interpretation

Session 11: Observational Ability

Session 12: Logical Puzzles

Session 13: Calendar Problem

Session 14: Clock Problem

Session 15: Moving Locomotive Problem

Session 16: Series Formation

Bonus session : Mental Maths for competitive exams

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