Free Live Course Today on General Aptitude in Unacademy Free Platform

This lecture will be useful for Aspirants preparing for CSIR-NET, GATE and other Competitive/ PhD Entrance Exams.

Lecture 14: Today, July 9th, 1 PM

How to join
Step 1: Download Unacademy App or Visit Unacademy Website
Step 2: Search and Follow the Educator Profile “Christy Varghese”
Step 3: Visit the special class section.

Or click on the below link and click on the “Notify me” option after creating account in Unacademy.

Link to join:

Share this information to all CSIR-NET Aspirants and MSc Students and also in relevant WhatsApp/Fb/Telegram groups

To join for all Plus Courses in Unacademy for CSIR-NET starting from July 1, Subscribe to Unacademy Plus now with the Referral Code CC10 to get 10% Discount.

Link for the New Plus Course –


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